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2023-02-25 01:25 am



Leave crit here, comments are screened and ip's are off and all that jazz.
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2013-07-29 07:24 pm
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One of those relationship/impressions memes over here y'all! For those of you who... don't check the network of have Damon's journal friended. >_>;;
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2013-07-29 07:13 pm
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WTH Cartoon Network?

Pfft, new episodes of Adventure Time keep getting leaked before the air date. The new one that comes on tonight was also aired last night.

Someone needs to get their shit together, Ted Turner.

IN OTHER NEWS, tune in at 7:30 EST to find out about Marcy and the Sky Witch! I won't spoiler it for you. :3
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2013-04-09 12:41 pm


Okay, tonight I'm gonna be updating Finn to the end of "Puhoy". I'm doing this because a crazy amount of stuff usually happens to/around Finn in each episode, as the writers want to demonstrate his progressing age and growth. As such, a lot has happened since before the update.

Yeah, this is gonna be pretty long. )

SO. What's actually different about Finn now?
  • His hair has grown back out down to his full body length.
  • His voice is a bit deeper.
  • He's a little taller and thinner.
  • He might have a half-human/half-pillow hybrid son and daughter in another dimension somewhere.
  • New experiences and growing up and stuff.
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2013-04-09 07:47 am
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Relationship Meme The First

 Finn finally hit 1,000 comments, which means y'all get one of these bad boys! You know how it works by now. :D
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2013-02-22 03:48 am

Tiers of LOVE

Finn's big bro was so helpful to explain the facts of life, Jake style.