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Relationship Meme The First

 Finn finally hit 1,000 comments, which means y'all get one of these bad boys! You know how it works by now. :D
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Breeze likes Finn! He seems fun to hang around and he's like her age, so she is allll over that. She is really embarrassed that he saw her freak out after she died, though. Like, him seeing her actual dead body doesn't bother her, but the knowledge that he saw her crying is extremely mortifying. So she's probably going to be kind of 8| YOU SAW NOTHING for a while.
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Oh my gosh... Al would love Ooo and think everything is so interesting. She loves adventures where she isn't hunted and kidnapped! Last Exile life means all the characters are sheltered and think every new thing is magical and wonderful.

Finn is the second friend her own age that Al has ever had! She thinks he's amazing, strong, and loves running around with him. Teach Al how to be a kid, Finn! ...Because her role models are Dio, Claus, and the raunchy mechanics on flying warships...

(Also she apologizes for her dads, Finn)
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I don't think she's ever had an actual tea party but I have plans for a makeup post that might be good times.

Let's just do everything!
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sup kid
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Finn's known in Daniel's head as "that weird kid that lives in a death world." Finn makes like no sense to him. WHICH IS 100% GREAT.
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OMG YES WONDERFUL (and I totally watched a walkthrough before playing it, it's cool)

What walkthrough are you watching?
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Finn on Dean!
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Jennifer finds Finn really entertaining, which is why she likes talking to him so much! Usually, she has very low tolerance for dealing with around his age, but Finn is just so good-natured, that she's not gonna make him deal with the full brunt of her usual Jenniferness that a lot of other people get.