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Okay, tonight I'm gonna be updating Finn to the end of "Puhoy". I'm doing this because a crazy amount of stuff usually happens to/around Finn in each episode, as the writers want to demonstrate his progressing age and growth. As such, a lot has happened since before the update.

  • In "Davey", Finn is hailed as a hero throughout the Land of Ooo, and decides to create an alter-ego to disguise himself from his stalker-y fans. A group of candy people begin to idolize Finn after he saves them from a dragon. So after getting an idea from BMO, he shaves his head, paints the rest of it black with molasses along with a piece of hair from the floor, and sticks it to his face as a mustache and calls himself "Davey Johnson". He then uses the auto-tune computer in his stomach to alter his voice. The next day, Jake realizes that Finn brainwashed himself. When trying to make him recover his memory, Jake tries to rob someone hoping to get Finn to stop him. Finn instead calls the police and gets Jake arrested, and in a last ditch effort he shouts to Finn about the dragon he defeated earlier, which made him remember who he really is. He then has an internal conflict about whether he should go back to being the hero Finn or stay Davey, who he liked to be for a while. In the end, he decides to be Davey only one more time to save Jake.
  • In "All Your Fault", A mission to help the Earls of Lemongrab lead Finn and Jake to discover grotesque new developments in the Lemon Earldom. After Princess Bubblegum receives a letter telling her that the Earls of Lemongrab are starving, she sends Finn and Jake to deliver special candy seeds. Inside of Castle Lemongrab they find mutated creatures who resemble the Lemongrabs. They find out that Princess Bubblegum accidentally left the formula for candy life at Castle Lemongrab and they used all their food to create their own citizens. Finn and Jake then give them the seeds, but they use them to make another freaky lemon person. This leads Finn to realize that the lemon people are all going to starve to death, and suggests they go see Bubblegum to fix the situation. The Lemongrabs decide to send their giant, Lemonjon, to raid the Candy Kingdom in order to make an army and pillage the rest of the world's candy. Long story short, Lemonjon dissolves himself into a mountain of lemon candy, and PB erases the formula from the Earl's minds while Finn swipes it from the castle.
  • In "Little Dude", Finn's hat is mysteriously brought to life by a super-mysterious flower. Finn then names his hat "Little Dude", and takes him home with him. Little Dude starts causing trouble in the tree fort and later the Candy Kingdom, and Finn and Jake discover that he was created when Finn's hat became possessed by an evil spirit right before Little Dude goes on a rampage. Finn's hat possesses one of Princess Bubblegum's Gumball Guardians and attempts to destroy the kingdom before being foiled by the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life-Giving. At the end of the episode, Finn tells Jake that he needs a new hat, to which Jake replies, "Okay, let's go skin an evil bear!" and they walk off screen.
  • In "Vault of Bones", Finn's girlfriend, Flame Princess, is worried that deep down she's actually evil. To help her clear her head and alleviate her worries, he takes her on an old-fashioned dungeon crawl, complete with treasure chests and loot-able monsters. After finding the way out of the dungeon, Flame Princess and Finn sit atop a hill with a treasure chest which they test several keys on. FP thanks Finn for taking her through the dungeon, saying that she'd forgotten how fun it was to destroy evil things. Finn suggests that their next outing be at a farmer's market, to which FP replies, "And burn it?" After they open the chest, they find a strange, green, butt-looking creature that winks at Flame Princess.
  • In "The Great Bird Man", Finn and Jake are sent on a mission by Princess Bubblegum to a harsh wasteland known as The Bad Lands to confirm rumors of a dangerous bird-man, as she's undersea with the mermaids to find out why they've been trying to beach themselves, but it turned out that they were just lonely. The boys continue looking for the bird-man, but eventually faint from travelling in such intense heat. Soon, Finn wakes up after a guy pours water into his mouth, who tells them that he brought the duo back to where he and his bird friends live. The man then admits that he's the Great Bird Man, but that he was once the king of the goblins, Xergiok, who was previously overthrown twice by Finn and Jake. Xergiok tells the boys that a wizard stole his eyes, which changed his demeanor. Eventually convinced of Xergiok's change, Finn tells him that his eyes are dangling in his beard, and Xergiok puts them back into their sockets. With his sight comes his old personality, leading to a confrontation with the brothers, after which Xergiok returns his eyes to Finn and walks into the sea in sadness. The former Goblin King then finds a mermaid and proclaims that she is his girlfriend, to the surprise of Finn and Jake.
  • In "Simon and Marcy", Finn and Jake are playing basketball at Marceline's house with the Ice King, who leaves to get everyone bottled water. The duo question Marceline about why she invited the Ice King to play with them, and she tells them that they have a long history together and that he's very dear to her. The boys request that she tells them her story as Ice King returns from inside of the house. She begins telling a story about the two of them exactly 996 years ago. It starts with 47 year old Simon and 7 year old Marceline wandering through the empty ruins of human civilization, destroyed in the Great Mushroom War, searching for food. She details how Ice King once protected and cared for her in the wreckage of the world, entertaining her and playing with her. At times he has to use his powers to protect them, even though Marcy is clearly afraid of what the crown does to him. She makes him promise not to wear it again, and he agrees. Later, Marceline begins to cough and Simon feels her forehead and sees she has a fever. He tells her to sleep, but in the morning she's worse, and he decides that she needs chicken soup and that the town they passed was worth investigating. Within the city the pair are attacked by hordes of weird mutant slime creatures, who chase Simon and Marcy to a dead end in an alleyway. Simon is forced to put his crown on, and tries to stay normal by singing the theme from "Cheers", and after knocking all of the creatures out, takes his crown off. Chicken soup and a can opener then fall from a pink substance clinging to the side of a building. Upon closer inspection, it appears to have a face, which smiles at Simon. He then uses the soup to cure Marcy. Marcy tells Simon she loves him and hugs him. Simon then says "I love you too ... Gunter." Marceline finishes the story, by saying that she gets better, and she and Simon live happily ever after. He then tells her to keep telling "these chumps" stories while he scores more baskets, proving he has no recollection of the events himself. The episode ends with Marceline, Finn, and Jake smiling at the Ice King being happy.
  • In "A Glitch Is a Glitch", Ice King sends Finn and Jake a weird video of a girl gagging herself by eating her own hair. Finn screams at Jake to "escape", but when he hits the ESC button, a glitch comes out of the computer and Finn and Jake freak out and rush to the Candy Kingdom. Ice King tells Bubblegum, Jake and Finn that the glitch will delete everything except him and PB as he believes she once agreed to date him if he became the last person in the world. As the Glitch has deleted nearly everything in existence, Jake remembers the gross video Ice King sent to them, Finn then has the idea of eating his hair to make the Glitch puke. Jake removes Finn's hat and starts eating Finn's hair. The Glitch, being grossed out, throws up all of the things that it had eaten from the universe.
  • In "Puhoy," Finn finds himself depressed by his feelings over Flame Princess, and enters a pillow fort built by Jake where he enters a new world and makes a new life for himself. Finn tells Jake he think his relationship with FP is over because she didn't laugh at one of his jokes, to which BMO suggests that she might not have gotten it. Finn thinks she might have used her laughs up on some other guy's jokes, and disappears into the pillow fort saying that he needed to let his mind fester. Jake yells after him that festering is always bad, but Finn soon gets lost in the pillows. Finn eventually comes to a hidden door, behind which he finds a whole world made of pillows, and the exit disappears behind him. He finds a town where he slays a pillow dragon, leading to the mayor, Quilten, ordering a celebration in Finn's honor. At the party, he meets Roselinen, Quilten's daughter, who shares a dance with Finn. He tells her that in his own world, pillows are used for bedding, to which she replies that they're used for that there too and winks (lol sex pun). Back at the tree fort, Jake talks with BMO. Meanwhile in the pillow world, which is shown to have a faster pace of time than the Land of Ooo, Finn is now a grown man (voiced by Jonathan Frakes AKA Commander William T. Riker) who has two children with Roselinen, named Jay and Bonnie. Quilten visits and tells Finn that archaeologists have researched the door leading back to Finn's world. Finn is an slightly aged man when he visits the oracle to ask about the door. However, he only answers him in a riddle. Finn begins to have second thoughts about leaving the pillow world, and an imaginary flashback of Jake convinces Finn to stay with his pillow family. Later, Finn is shown as an old man on his deathbed, surrounded by his wife and children. After he dies, he finally gets out of the pillow fort. He almost tells Jake about the "dream", until Flame Princess calls, telling him that she didn't get his joke before and she now understands it. After the call, Jake asks about his supposed dream, but Finn is shown to have forgotten the experience completely.

SO. What's actually different about Finn now?
  • His hair has grown back out down to his full body length.
  • His voice is a bit deeper.
  • He's a little taller and thinner.
  • He might have a half-human/half-pillow hybrid son and daughter in another dimension somewhere.
  • New experiences and growing up and stuff.

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