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Your Name/Alias: Nasrin
Age: 25
Character: Finn the Human
Series: Adventure Time
Character Age: 14
Adventure Time is an animated series based in the Land of Ooo: a post-apocalyptic Earth of the future, warped by nuclear fallout brought about by a global catastrophe known as The Mushroom War. Thanks to the radiation created by the war, mutagenic horror once covered the world, the results being that magic now runs rampant, humans are thought to be extinct, and several species have mutated into existence - some even being born from non-sentient matter, such as rocks, fire, and candy. In fact, all inhabitants of Ooo are mutants. Even Finn, the last known human, is slightly mutated.

Finn is a fourteen year old boy who, together with his best buddy the magical talking dog Jake, goes on many odd adventures throughout the Land of Ooo. Already hailed as one of the greatest heroes in all the land, Finn has always aspired to be a great (if not legendary) hero, and as such will go out of his way to protect or help an innocent person, animal, or creature. He is shown to be a brave and fiery warrior with strong moral values, and gets upset when he's unable to help someone out. Finn is stoic, a little bit stubborn, fun-loving, and a tad naive. Although he's hot-headed and enjoys fighting evil, monsters, and evil monsters, he always does his best to act gentlemanly around the ladies.

Sample Entry:
Tell us about yourself in a few words.
Yo, what up! Finn be my name, and kicking evil's butt is my game! I help peeps, no matter how small the prob. Usually princesses... but they just tend to get into trouble more often.

Why are you joining our happy community?
Jake says summer camp makes kids tough and resilient, that it’s a new adventure to be experienced and it prepares us for adult-ness. I'm all about ALL those things!

Can you swim? Yeah, dude. I just beat up the water 'till it takes me where I wanna go.
-Could you still do it under extreme distress? Like a BOSS!
--While dragging someone else to shore? No prob, Rob!
---While something, let’s say a tentacle, tries to drag you under? Psh, I could handle it.
----How would you handle that situation? If neither of my hands were free, then I'd bite the tentacle and keep kicking until I got the other person to dry land. Then, I'd whip out my sword and unleash some mad skills on that ugly mama!

If there was a good dog and a criminal both hanging from a cliff and you could only save one, which would you save and why?
That's a weird question. Obviously, I'd help the dog first. If the bad guy was still hanging on, I'd try to pull him up and throw him into a dungeon someplace.

Please explain why you are a valueable asset to this camp, in the form of a song. The zombie administering your application will provide the beat.
Uhh... alrighty. Kinda weird, but no problemo.
Yeaah, alright.
Uh-huh, uh-huh, I said
I'm a bona-fide hero, man
C'mon, try and beat me
Ya know nobody ever can
'Cause even at my worst
Yeah, I am the best
That's why I ain't sweatin'
Gonna ace this test, y'all
As a hero I'm a legend
Yo, I love helping folks
And that ain't no lie
That's why I wanna roll
Down to Camp Fuck You Die!

Hey, uh... you can stop beat-boxing now! Your fist fell off like six seconds ago. You're just spittin' on your wrist at this point.

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